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24Option Strengths:

  • Great reputation in the industry, generally trusted and considered best binary option broker by many
  • Accurate, secure binary options software – good for 60 second options
  • Highest trading limits per trade so very highly leveraged
  • Wide array of diverse trading assets
  • Great customer support team
  • High payouts up to 89%
  • Excellent educational facilities

24Option Weaknesses:

  • Minimum trade amount higher than most other brokers at $24


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24 Option Review – The Best Binary Option Broker For You?


Here at 60 Second Trader we understand that navigating the sea of binary options software to find the best binary option broker and platform for your individual needs can seem a bit rough. The good news is that with 24Option you’ll be relieved to find it’s actually smooth sailing! 24Option is one of the industry’s leading binary options software providers, giving their traders all the tools and strategies necessary in order to be successful binary options traders. 24Option is your one-stop-shop when it comes to binary options trading, providing everything from a wide range of options to arguably some of the most profitable assets in the market.


24Option Binary Options Software

When you trade using 24Option’s state-of-the-art binary options software, rest assured you are trading with the most up-to-date technology currently available online. You can use their binary options software with the knowledge that every price quoted is accurate. Every trade will be executed as instructed by you, and every profit will be earned using the one of the most secure platforms on the web.

With real-time market data, by using 24Options’s binary options software you will know that your asset’s market price is accurate to the second – which makes 24Option arguably one of the best 60 second binary options brokers around.  While the market price may seem a little bit hidden in other platforms, the 24Option trading platform uses real-time data to ensure that your binary options trade is as transparent as possible.

Before you start investing your own money ask 24Option for a demo account.  For more information read this page


Best binary option broker - 24OptionWhat Makes Trading Binary Options So Profitable?

The reason so many people these days are finding it so profitable to trade binary options is because of their leverage. With binary options trading you are purchasing control over the asset as opposed to purchasing the asset itself, so the cost of investment need not be high. All that you are effectively doing is investing a set amount of money based on whether you believe an asset’s market price will rise or fall.

You can invest as little or as much as you would like when trading binary options with 24Option, and the amount you risk on each trade should come down to your personal risk profile. Either way, you are in control of how much you wish to risk on each trade. Binary options are also popular because there are no hidden surprises (or shocks!) in how much you can win or lose on any particular trade. You know exactly how much you can earn (or lose – and yes, this will happen at times even with the best binary option broker and trader) before you invest.


Higher Trading Limits24Option review

The upper trading limits allowed by the 24Option binary options software allow you to earn higher profits than through other binary option brokers. Of course this is a double-edged sword; it also means you can lose more in a shorter space of time. Once you become comfortable with 24Option’s software you’ll be able to trade very effectively and efficiently with confidence. This should be a factor to take into consideration when choosing the best broker for you.

24Option’s limits of $100k per trade (by far the highest of all brokers in this industry) mean that once you have built up the knowledge to understand exactly what to do and how it works, you can potentially earn more money in less time. This can dramatically increase your leverage and earning capacity. Just make sure you don’t place a higher amount on any single trade than you’re willing to lose.

Whether you trade using the 60 second option strategy, the High/Low option, or any of the other binary option strategies available, with 24Option you can potentially earn maximum profits using minimal time.  Check out their 30 second option strategy for even faster results!


Asset range with 24OptionWide Variety of Trading Assets

When you access the 24Option trading platform you’ll find that a truly wide array of assets awaits you there. In order to ensure you can earn great profits on your binary trades, 24Option has selected the most volatile and profitable assets. Whether you want to invest on Nasdaq or Google, Apple or oil, you will find an asset you are interested in trading at 24Option. Choose between currency trading, commodities, stocks and indices, all on the 24Options user-friendly platform.

24Option’s diverse folder of trading assets allow you the freedom to choose an asset type you are most interested in.  The key is to learn as much as possible about it and then experience the joy of trading only on what you know and love. By investing only in assets that you fully understand, your knowledge will lead to higher profits overall.

Potential enjoyment is a huge factor in your success in trading binary options. Hopefully you will find yourself in that uphill spiral where you are doing what you enjoy and therefore will become better and better at it, therefore in turn you’ll enjoy it even more and so on. Best yet it doesn’t feel like work, it’s really more like a hobby, but unlike most hobbies this one can actually help your bank account grow.


Overcoming the Downsides

For some traders the minimum trade amount at $24 may not be an issue. Other binary options brokers allow trades from an entry price closer as low as $5 and even $1, so may be more affordable for those starting out in the world of binary options. 24Option do allow you to trade using a demo account so it’s best to utilise this option until you are confident and willing to risk the minimum amount or more on each trade.


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Conclusion – Why 24Option May Be The Best Binary Option Broker For You

Best binary option broker for customer serviceExceptional Customer Service

The level of customer service offered by 24Option is generally considered nothing short of exceptional. Their entire team is keen to help you succeed. Best of all they are available when you need them to be, with a friendly attitude and all the knowledge you could wish for to answer all of your questions.

Real Market Price = No Fees or Commissions

At 24Option you are trading on financial markets using real financial information. A direct feed from Morning Star is used to power their binary options software so you can rest assured that the price appearing on their platform is accurate.  If you wish to trade 60 second binary options, 24Option are amongst the best 60 second binary options brokers due to the accuracy of their software.

Best Binary Options Software

The platform used by 24Option is kept completely up-to-date with the latest technologies and you’ll find it easy to use and navigate around.

Best binary option broker for profitsHigher Limits = Higher Profits

24Option allows you to earn maximum profits in minimal time, with the industry’s highest limits of $100,000 per trade. Trade on your favourite assets and options with an upper investment limit that gives you the opportunity to profit big time if you get it right.

High Payouts

With 24Option you can potentially earn up to 89% on your trades. Simply choose your asset and decide on the direction you think the market price will go. Your educated choice will help you on your way to earning up to 89%!

Widest Array of Assets to Trade

Whether you are interested in currencies, indices, stocks or commodities, 24Option have a broad enough range of products to choose from so that you can trade whatever asset you are most interested in and have fun doing so.

Friendly service at 24OptionTrade Wherever and Whenever

24Option is available wherever you may be: work, home, or on vacation. The platform is available on your mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or Nokia.

Best Video Center and Educational Facilities

24Option have hours of videos in what is commonly considered the industry’s best video library. Watch and earn with portfolio management, trading tips,

and even a tour of the 24Option platform. Register now to gain access and start watching your way to a more robust portfolio


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What You’ll See When You Sign Up For 24Option

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