The best time to trade binary options, and particularly forex binary options, is at a time that suits you and your trading strategy.

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The Forex market is operational 24/5 so theoretically you could trade anytime you wanted from Monday to Friday, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  To trade Forex binary options you need to be at your best both mentally and emotionally – focused and disciplined.  There’s no point trying to trade with distraction or tiredness lurking.

Trading at a time that best suits you is a sure way of stacking the odds in your favor.  Being free to concentrate solely on the market better enables you to make logical decisions and flawlessly execute your trades.

Forex Market Hours

The Forex market is incredibly liquid and is generally active and moving most of the time, however some periods are more active than others.

The most active Forex binary options sessions generally occur when multiple world markets are open at the same time i.e. when the Tokyo and London (3.00am – 4.00am EST), and the London and New York (8.00am – 12.00pm) sessions overlap.  During these hours the Forex binary options market experiences the highest volume of trades and greatest amount of volatility.

Global Forex Sessions

Best Time to Trade Binary Options

Best Time to Trade 60 Second Binary Options

If you trade 60 second binary options I recommend only trading when the Forex market is most active.

For 60 second binary option traders, flowing price action on the 1 minute price chart is key to having a profitable trading session. If the 1 minute chart is not flowing it becomes hard to decipher actual vs. false trading signals.  Thus if you want to trade 60 second binary options it is best done during peak trading periods.

To see a global overview of Forex market hours check out the multiple time frame tool available at Forex Hours.