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Wynn Finance Strengths:

  • Simple and easy-to-use trading platform
  • Fast with deposits and withdrawals
  • Great customer service via phone, email and live chat
  • High payouts at up to 85%
  • Low minimum trade at $5
  • Great educational tools

Wynn Finance Weaknesses:

  • Demo accounts not available
  • Not yet regulated
  • Languages supported are limited to English and Japanese


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I am very happy I found Wynn Finance and my only regret is not learning about them sooner. I was trading or rather tried to trade through some other platforms but it never really worked for me, even when I made a little profit I felt at a loss until a friend referred me to Wynn, we both benefited from the referral and now I am so much happier, Wynn Finance’s platform is so easy to use, very clear and I learn so much from their site, articles and webinars. I will never be a pro trader but I am getting that little extra income I always wanted.


“I think that this broker achieves amazing results. Started using it not long ago and already has made me good profits. Wynn is for win”


Wynn Finance – Easy Trading At Its Best?

If you’re looking for an easy trading option to earn some additional income from home, Wynn Finance may be a viable solution for you. Wynn Finance was established in 2015 so has not been around for long, but already they are making a name for themselves in the binary options trading industry. Let’s find out why.


Who Are Wynn Finance?

Wynn Finance is owned by Waterfall Partners Ltd, and is based out of London in the U.K. They are a binary options broker offering an easy trading solution, and they currently accept traders from everywhere other than Turkey and the U.S. Their simple platform could possibly be the best options trading platform we’ve seen yet, and is probably the main reason their trader numbers are consistently growing.


Why Wynn Finance Has Caught Our Attention As An Easy Trading Alternative

No binary options broker is perfect, and Wynn Finance is no exception to this rule. However it’s not every day we get to review a broker with such an easy trading platform this attuned to the needs of binary options traders. For this reason we generally have a very positive opinion about them and what they offer for binary options traders. Wynn Finance is already making ripples in the industry and could be a leading contender for traders to consider aligning themselves with in future.


Wynn Finance easy trading sign up here

Is This The Best Options Trading Platform Available?

That’s a matter of personal opinion. What we like about this easy trading platform is its simplicity. The platform offers everything needed without overdoing it, or burdening the trader with information they don’t need.

The platform is simple, modern and considered “cutting edge” technology, and doesn’t show massive amounts of data. Instead it is customizable in what it shows, and picks a more graphic approach rather than a text and number based system.

Wynn Platform best options trading platform

It seems that Wynn Finance has realised what not all trader platforms do: sometimes less is more. Keep it simple by providing a visual and easy way to get around the trading platform. That’s how you end up with what many traders (with different levels of experience, using different strategies and trading with different assets) now consider the best options trading platform available.


Assets and Trading

The motto for Wynn Finance should be “keep it simple”. They present their traders with only several possibilities for trade, but these cover any need and preference so it’s a good approach.

Their list of assets available to trade is very long and varied, but they are listed in a simple way on their easy trading platform. The chances of not being able to find the assets you wish to trade on, along with relevant financial news related to those assets, is possible but slim.

With Wynn Finance you can choose to trade with commodities (gold, silver, oil etc), currency pairs (including the major currencies you’d expect), indices (including those of the major stock markets worldwide) as well as stocks of major and renowned companies.


Trading Strategies

The trading strategies offered include:

  • spread high/low
  • high/low
  • on demand
  • spread on demand
  • one touch
  • range, and
  • hyper (for extremely short term trading)


Account Types

There are five different types of accounts you can open with Wynn Finance as follows.


A basic account requires a starting investment of $500. It includes weekly market updates, and an educational ebook. This is designed to be the starting point for those new to binary options trading and allows you to test the waters before going too deep.


A standard account requires a slightly higher starting investment of $1,000. This type of account includes everything in the basic account, as well as an academy membership and the provision of one trading strategy. This account is suitable for those who have some prior experience at trading, or for those who simply feel more confident.


A silver account requires a considerably higher starting investment of $5,000. It includes webinars, 1 risk-free trade, weekly signals, 1 academy session, and daily market reviews. You can see from this that you get what you pay for.

This is the account type for those who are definitely more serious and are deep into binary options trading. The account provides a definite notch up and a more professional approach (as opposed to a hobby to earn more cash).


A gold account requires a starting investment of $10,000 and includes daily signals, 3 risk-free trades, 3 training sessions, live webinars, daily market reviews and a dedicated senior analyst. This bigger commitment comes with greater benefits and allows a closer hands-on approach, with plenty of education and help handy.


Finally, an expert account requires the highest starting investment of $50,000. This account provides daily market reviews, 10 risk-free trades, academy VIP live, webinars (both live and recorded), daily signals, a dedicated broker, MMS and expedited withdrawals. According to Wynn Finance, the expert account provides the best value for investment with better tools to trade more efficiently…but of course they’re keen for you to invest more with them!


Wynn Finance best options trading platform sign up here


Educational Tools

Speaking of educational tools, these are a positive in support of this broker. Wynn Finance recognise that different people learn in different ways, and as such the education area on the site offers different forms of information to suit all traders. You can choose to learn via text, webinars, videos, an ebook, a glossary of financial and trade-related terms, and FAQ and an economic calendar.

While the higher account types offer more education than the basic and standard accounts, the basics are available for everyone. Consequently Wynn Finance is a viable option for traders who are beginners as well as those more advanced.

Wynn education for easy trading


Customer Service

It’s important that the binary options broker you choose offers a high level of customer service. Wynn Finance are available via the phone (toll free), by email and by live chat. We have found live chat to be the best way to get hold of customer service representatives.

Support is mostly in English, with some assistance also available in Japanese. This may be a drawback if you are not reasonably fluent speaking or understanding English.

So far we have found the customer service representatives to be professional, knowledgeable, service-minded and polite.



You need to know that you can make reasonably fast deposits and especially withdrawals with your broker. Wynn Finance in focused on this and has taken measures to accommodate the banking needs of their traders. The major credit cards and accounts such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Skrill, iDeal, Diners, and Cartebleue are supported. Wire transfers are also available.

Wynn Finance have also taken measures to stick to the highest standards of online security. All trade and financial transactions are done on SSL encrypted web pages, so personal and financial information is kept safe.


Other Key Features

If you choose to trade with Wynn Finance there are several options for currencies you can use. These include AUD, USD, EUR, GBP and CAD. With any of these currencies the minimum deposit is $200 (although they prefer the minimum to be $500) and the maximum trade size is 10,000. Payouts go up to a nice high maximum of 85%, and the minimum trade is only $5.

Wynn Finance also offer a referral program, where you can get paid for referring friends to the platform.


Overcoming the Downsides

In our view the biggest downside to Wynn Finance is that they don’t offer free demo accounts. A demo account is always a great way to start trading for beginners, and also on a platform you may be unfamiliar with.

To counteract this negative, as mentioned above the simplicity of their platform make it possibly the best options trading platform available so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty working your way around it. Also the minimum deposit per trade is low at $5, and we recommend trading at this low amount until you become more familiar with the platform.

The fact that Wynn Finance is not yet regulated doesn’t seem to be a big issue. They are not considered a scam or illegitimate by anyone in the industry, and seem to be following all the rules.


In Conclusion: Is Wynn Finance The Easy Trading Option For Binary Options Traders?

We are very limited in the binary option brokers we are happy to promote here at 60 Second Trader, so would not include Wynn Finance if we didn’t honestly believe they offered an easy trading alternative for binary options traders.

The fact that Wynn Finance (for now at least) accept US traders make them very attractive, not just because obviously it means those in the US can trade binary options, but also because it means they pass the stringent rules imposed by the US for this industry.

From all the information we have available to us, Wynn Finance appear to be a good all-round broker for all levels of traders. The simplicity of their platform make it potentially the best options trading platform we’ve seen, and their range of asset types and strategies are good. Combine this with their educational materials, customer service, low minimum investments and high payouts, and you have a binary options broker worthy of our recommendation.


Wynn Finance best options trading platform sign up here